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Summer Sessions begin June 23rd 
in the Garden and the Studio 

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The ages from birth to three are when the most phenomenal brain growth and development happen. In fact, during this critical time period, much of the stage is set in the child’s brain which determines how he/she will learn and grow emotionally and intellectually for the rest of our lives. The most important way children learn is through play, free exploration, and socialization.

With this in mind, Kiwi Kids is committed to providing opportunities for parents and children to interact with each other in a comfortable, nurturing and developmentally appropriate environment.

In addition to Music Classes and Art Classes, Kiwi Kids Studio offers Child Development Classes, Early Childhood Education, Infant Music Classes, Toddler Enrichment Classes, and Playgroups. We have recently partnered with Kathleen Hoff from Side by Side Doulas and are excited to be offering a free Breast Feeding Support Group.

Our early childhood educators all have one thing in common, they love what they do and want to share it.!

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